Hot flashes are the No. 1 symptom women experience during menopause, impacting over two-thirds of women going through perimenopause or menopause. They’re not dangerous, but hot flashes can cause troublesome symptoms like inconvenient, uncontrollable sweating.

Menopause is a natural life occurrence, but hot flashes don’t have to be. Our team at Artemis Menstrual Health and Gynecology in Lockport, New York can end your disruptive hot flashes and any other unpleasant symptoms you’re experiencing during this life stage.

Our board-certified gynecologist, Julie Madejski, MD, explains how solutions like bioidentical hormone therapy offer you long-term relief from uncomfortable hot flashes.

Understanding hot flashes

With perimenopause and menopause, your body goes through hormonal changes while your childbearing years come to an end. As your body adjusts, it’s extremely common to experience hot flashes and other symptoms that can disrupt your quality of life.

Hot flashes occur when you feel hot, start sweating, and flush or turn red in the face. Along with uncomfortable sweating at inconvenient times, hot flashes can give you chills, a rapid heart rate, and night sweats that make sleeping more difficult.

Solutions for mild hot flashes

If your hot flashes are mild, you might be able to manage your symptoms with simple home remedies. Keeping your body, home, and office cool can help prevent hot flashes. You may also benefit from daily exercise and deep breathing techniques as soon as hot flashes start.

For many women, these remedies don’t offer enough relief. If this is you, bioidentical hormone therapy can resolve your hot flashes while also addressing other menopause symptoms, keeping your bones strong, and reducing your colon cancer risk.

How bioidentical hormone therapy stops your hot flashes

Bioidentical hormone therapy works by ending the hormonal changes that first caused your hot flashes.

Like other hormone replacement therapies, bioidentical hormone therapy restores your body’s previous levels of estrogen, progestin, and testosterone, returning your body to the hormonal balance it had before menopause.

Your bioidentical hormones are natural, plant-based substances that fully mimic your body’s former hormonal balance. Your body doesn’t know the difference between bioidentical hormones and the hormones it produced before you went through menopause.

After getting bioidentical hormones, your hot flashes, as well as other symptoms you experience from menopause, should resolve within a couple of weeks.

Getting bioidentical hormone therapy

You can get bioidentical hormone therapy right in the Artemis Menstrual Health and Gynecology office. You start out by meeting with one of our experienced practitioners for a consultation to determine if hormone therapy is the best solution for your hot flashes.

We perform blood testing to determine your current hormonal levels and determine the bioidentical hormone therapy plan that works best for your body’s needs. Getting the hormone therapy is a simple, quick, and painless process.

If you’re experiencing disruptive hot flashes and are interested in getting bioidentical hormone therapy or exploring other solutions, call our office today to discuss your options.